Meet the Designer

Meet Savannah Rae Nicholson—the founder and designer of Anahata Rae. Anahata translates to 'heart chakra' in Sanskrit, and is the 4th energy center of the body. This is where love is given and received. Rae is Savannah's middle name and nickname that only her close family and friends call her. She also shares it with her late grandmother and uncle and chose to include it in the name of her brand as a reminder of all the people that have supported her journey.

Savannah got her start in Sacramento California making crystal jewelry for family and friends. Eventually word got out and the number of people asking for pieces started to increase. In February 2015, Anahata Rae was born.

Since then, her brand has grown and evolved. Savannah finds inspiration from the places she visits and the people in her life, whether they are close friends or complete strangers. Human nature and interaction has always fascinated her, knowing that every person has their own story to tell. She credits curiosity and self-love as the main catalysts for her creations. Her goal is to design quality jewelry that makes her customers feel empowered and beautiful. Anahata Rae allows Savannah to combine her holistic approach to life with her love of style and expression.